Highlights of the March 2012
OGC Technical Committee Meetings
in Austin, Texas

Ben Domenico
March 2012

CF-netCDF Standards Working Group (SWG)

Session Wednesday March 21


Action Items from September 2011 Boulder TC Meeting

Status Updates

*Note that one additional yes vote was received after the Austin TC meeting.  So there now a majority of the SWG (6 of 10 eligible members) voted YES to send the draft CF extension spec to the OGC Architecture Board.  There were zero NO votes, and zero abstentions.  4 SWG member institutions have not voted.

General Discussions


There was not a voting quorum at the meeting, but representatives of OPeNDAP Inc. (James Gallagher) and the HDF Group (Don Elmore) attended.  This was a great opportunity to do some brainstorming about how to coordinate the standards efforts of our closely related communities.   In particular, HDF, DAP, and netCDF all have standards formally adopted by the NASA Earth Science Data System (ESDS) Standards Process Group (SPG) and there are open issues as to whether these standards can be proposed to the OGC via the Fast Track mechanism -- without having to rewrite the standards documents in OGC form.   No conclusions were reached, but it's good to know that all three groups are now examining the alternatives.

Action Items

EarthCube Side Meetings

Several meetings related to various EarthCube initiatives were held in parallel with the OGC TC meetings.   Ben was able to attend a half day of the meeting of the EarthCube Cross-Domain Interoperability EAGER proposal team.   It was a lively, wide-ranging discussion, but no solid conclusions were reached during that initial half day.  The meetings went on for most of three days, so hopefully summaries of the rest of the meetings will be made available on the EarthCube web site.